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Dear, boy. How many times have I said I would stop investing my energy on you. How it would be the last time I would even think of you. & yet..the years slowly go by right before my eyes and I reflect on how I still get high of your memory. Every day. Even the ones when you hurt me the most. If I had to label it…It is the worst addiction someone can ever submit too.

You hurt me all the time now. Before it would happen once in a while so I comprised myself for a while but now it’s too much and almost always expected of you. You don’t love me. But I don’t love you either, yet. it still hurts as if I did. Such a thin light between lust and love to someone whose never truly loved. Therefore, this strong lust is the closest thing to love that I have experienced. And I pray to forget it and move on to one that will be real & beneficial for me. I pray you become a memory that I willingly will never regret walking away from.

I no longer want to serve you in any way. I choose me over you. After a thousand times I have written or said or thought that one day, the sad story of you and I would come to an end…and while this, being aware that it would not be a happy ending.I accept it. If I cut you off, chances are you gave me the scissors. And I will be in peace with that. I’ll miss you. No doubt. Your that memory, that use to give me a euphoric high…but now..I catch myself chasing another high to forget the one that I had for you.. It is, what it is. It will never be good bye, but it is a “see you later”. Some day…when your different and I’m different. Maybe than, we can be friends. For now, we must tear down what we built and let the air clear the way, meaning time and distance. And what will be, will be. Love ..always, that girl.

"Don’t ever think a man loves you because he keeps coming back.
That man loves the power he has over you.
He knows you’ll take him back."

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Faith is simply seeing what God sees. It’s choosing God’s way, even when things look differently in the natural. When you set your thoughts on higher things, you are looking at life through your eyes of faith and seeing what God sees. For example, you may have a financial need today, but when you look higher, you see God’s promise to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. You may have sickness in your body today, but when you look higher, you see that Jesus paid for your sickness and diseases. You may feel lonely today, but when you look higher, you see that God has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. As you study the Word of God, you are setting your thoughts on higher things. As you set your thoughts on higher things, your faith will become stronger, and you will begin to see those things become reality in your life. You’ll see God’s hand of blessing, and you will live the abundant life He has prepared for you.


“this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.”

Fo realz….PREACH


Like if your a cancer like me. #CancerSign #Zodiac


Cancer is a mysterious sign, filled with contradictions. They want security and comfort yet seek new adventure. They are very helpful to others yet sometimes can be cranky and indifferent. Cancer has a driving, forceful personality that can be easily hidden beneath a calm, and cool exterior. The…


"Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something. Forgivness, however, is for those who are substanial enough to move on"

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Hatelove on We Heart It.

Your my eyes.

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